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Tectron Mechanical Tube Brochure


Products Built From Experience

Tectron operates with the objective of total quality and continuous improvement. We align our operational and production efficiencies with the demands of our customers. The result is a product that is manufactured to meet your expectations and specifications. Beyond today, we will work in tandem with you on new product introductions and even aid with design. Our sales and administrative staffs will work closely with you to develop new sizes and additional capabilities. It is with that mindset that we have achieved the breadth of product line and capabilities that we offer today.

Experience The Value Of Tectron

As a critical component in your supply chain Tectron provides valuable support and service along with the highest quality product line. We will build harmony between the organizations, become intimately familiar with your products and their applications to more effectively align our product offerings with yours. We will get to know the people in your organization, from management all they way through the ranks. In return, you will have access to the talent in the Tectron organization, including management, engineering, quality, marketing, and customer service. The beauty of the Tectron relationship is that our efforts extend well beyond the product itself.

Tectron Tube...It's All Around You

You don’t need to look far to see examples of Tectron tubing. It is used in a multitude of applications. These uses range from everyday functional items like office furniture, tables and benches to performance products such as snow blowers, lawn mowers, and ATVs. Our attention to product quality and detail has afforded us the opportunity to work on some critical applications. Tectron has built a remarkable reputation in customer satisfaction by successfully meeting these demands.

A Comprehensive Product Line To Meet Your Needs

In order to meet the needs of such a wide-range of customers, Tectron must be versatile. We are capable of producing a number of different shapes including: round, square, rectangle, flat-sided oval and hexagonal profiles. These shapes come in an array of different wall thicknesses (refer to the Tectron size chart) for use in the majority of mechanical applications. Tectron tubing is stored indoors in a temperature and humidity controlled warehouse ideal for maintaining surface quality as it arrives at your door.

The Value Of A Full Service Provider

Our mission is simple. Provide customers with a tubular products solution demonstrating the highest quality, and fulfilling the requirements of the end part. To that end, we provide some core fabrication services to our customers for a seamless supply of parts for your application. Tectron and Allied Tube combine to run tube fabrication operations consistent with the parts requirements of today's tube applications. Fabrication services available include:

  • Laser cutting
  • Dedimpling
  • Deburring
  • Chamfering
  • Bending Swaging
  • Welding Packaging
  • Assembly

Note: The fabrication services listed above are compiled from multiple facilities. For specific details by facility, please contact your sales representative.

Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma

Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma are the heart of our culture. We follow these methodologies on a daily basis in order to deliver a superior product and outstanding customer service. Tectron’s manufacturing processes are driven by these approaches for operational excellence. Continued improvement is not an end, but an ongoing process. We strive daily to achieve our goals and are committed to reaching the highest levels of safety, productivity, quality and customer satisfaction.

Metrics to Gauge Improvement You may find Tectron unique in the sense that we measure operational efficiencies and utilize these metrics to drive improvement. You can take comfort in knowing that we measure and analyze:

  • Order Fill Rates
  • Order Error Rates
  • On-Time Rates
  • Perfect Order Rates

These metrics are at the foundation of our efforts to provide world class products and services to your organization.