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Products Built From Experience

Stronger, lighter, more durable. Those are some of the words used to define Allied’s galvanized steel tubing. Add Western grade pure zinc and advanced corrosion fighting coatings to the highest quality materials available and you get Gatorshield®, a product that provides a level of corrosion resistance unmatched in the industry.

Allied celebrates 50 years of providing constant innovation of products and processes that deliver more to our customers. As a leading supplier to consumer and industrial markets, we design products that reduce your operational costs while increasing performance to create solutions that will enable you to get the most out of your application. Gatorshield is a product that is engineered to eliminate production steps, reduce your overall steel weight, and provide an overall application improvement for our customers.

Build Relationships That Breed Success

As one of the key members of your supply chain, Allied delivers valuable support and service to supplement our superior products. We strive to create harmonious relationships and become experts on your products and their capabilities. This enables us to more effectively align our products to meet your needs.

We strive to build relationships with all of the people in your organization from upper management down through the ranks. In return, we hope that you will get to know our management, engineering, quality control, marketing and customer service staffs to develop a partnership that extends beyond the mere exchange of goods and services.

Enhanced Process For Improved Results

With our in-line galvanizing process, we create robust tubular solutions that make your production process more fluid. Our emphasis is to bring increased value to your product that will command a premium in their respective marketplaces.

Additionally, the Gatorshield product lends itself to be a solution to costly bottlenecks associated with paint, powder coating, hot-dip galvanizing, or any other secondary coating process. Gatorshield will start working with you when it reaches your door forgoing multi-step cleaning and surface preparation processes.


Gatorshield… Take A Quick Look Around

The next time you park your car, go out shopping or make a cell phone call it's most likely you will encounter Gatorshield. Uses of Gatorshield include carports, cart corrals, greenhouses and cell towers. It is also used in industrial applications such as scaffolding, dairy stalls and to mount solar power equipment. So whether you are aware of it or not, Gatorshield is most likely a part of your life.

The Gatorshield Advantage


We guarantee a minimum 50 ksi yield and 55 ksi tensile on many of our products with the ability to achieve even higher properties. Compared to Schedule 40 pipe at 30 ksi, Gatorshield provides a variety of higher strength alternatives.

Reduced Weight

Gatorshield is adapted for the specific use of your applications. Our tube is produced by specific wall thickness rather than 1/16 or schedule pipe designations. Gatorshield is demonstrative that strength is not represented by wall thickness alone, but rather by the appropriate combination of steel grade and yield/tensile properties, and our unique processing techniques.

Outstanding Corrosion Protection

Allied's signature in-line galvanizing process exhibits superior corrosion resistance by utilizing a triple layer of protection. First a 99.99% pure zinc coating is applied to the surface, followed by a conversion coating. The process is completed by adding a clear organic topcoat that seals the surface and produces a smooth shiny finished product unique to Allied. Exceptional corrosion protection is achieved by the collective performance of our three bonded coatings as compared to a single layer of zinc. Gatorshield was designed for critical long-lasting applications, and is ideal for outdoor or high-moisture environments.

Weld Friendliness

Due to its 99.99% pure zinc coating; Gatorshield can be easily welded. Contrary to popular belief, all galvanized products do not perform the same with regards to welding suitability. Weld performance is an important feature of the Gatorshield product and one that has made it a success in several marketplaces for nearly 50 years.


Gatorshield is also capable of being fabricated using several different methods including hole punching, cutting, flattening, bending and more without the degradation of the coatings. All of these operations can be performed without cracking, flaking or otherwise damaging the integrity of the coating.

Custom Mill Lengths

There is nothing standard about our mill cut lengths. We produce the lengths that you require for your applications. Custom mill lengths from Allied allow you to minimize the scrap generated when having to cut standard lengths of pipe products.

Making our Products Work Better for You Each-and-Every Day

Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is the heart of our culture. We strive daily to reach our goals and are committed to attaining the highest level of safety, productivity, quality and customer satisfaction.

Measuring Our Improvement

Without a method to gauge our progress stating goals are nothing more than rhetoric. We have implemented numerous metrics to determine that we are continuing to move forward. On a regular basis we calculate and analyze data such as:

  • Order Fill Rates
  • Order Error Rates
  • On-Time Rates
  • Perfect Order Rates

These metrics are the cornerstone of our efforts to deliver world class products and services to your organization.


At Allied our mission is to reach beyond the supply of just tubular products and enhance our partnership through parts fabrication and assemblies. To that end, we offer some core services that can provide our customers with a competitive edge.

Fabrication operations have been established to meet the
requirements of today's mechanical and light structural applications. We have the capabilities for high-speed and precision cutting, bending, swaging, and hole punching. The latest laser technologies have been employed to prototype and produce parts more easily. Full assemblies are produced in our fabrication facility in support of customer requirements and demands for precision products.

Fabrication capabilities include:

  • Laser Cutting
  • Bending
  • Swaging
  • Cold Saw Cutting
  • Haven Cutting
  • Welding
  • Assembly
  • Packaging

Technical Services Group

The technical services group is comprised of experienced engineers with mechanical and structural knowledge of working with steel. This team works diligently to determine means of achieving efficiencies in customer applications. Technical services is at the center of our focus to bring economies of scale to the customer, in addition to facilitating new product development efforts.

Services provided are:

  • Design Review
  • Product Substitution
  • Structural Requirements