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How is Flo- Coat® different from hot-dip galvanized tube?

Flo- Coat® is produced using an in-line galvanizing process as the tube is being formed on the mill. This method employs technologies to triple coat the steel with the purest form of western grade zinc, a clear conversion coating formula, and a clear organic top coating.

At a minimum, Flo-Coat® can last the same period or a longer period of exposure than hot-dip galvanized pipe before exhibiting the same levels of rust corrosion. Flo-Coat® also possesses a smooth, uniform coverage of coatingsversus the rough, irregular, and bumpy surface of hot-dip galvanized pipe.

How does the strength of Allied Tube’s products compare to competitive products such as pre-galvanized tube and hot-dip galvanized pipe?

Flo-Coat® products demonstrate excellent strength characteristics, frequently superceding those of competitive products. Most of our products 15 gauge (.072” nominal wall) and heavier achieve 50,000 psi Yield and 55,000 psi Tensi

Can galvanized tube be welded?

With regard to Allied Tube’s in-line galvanized products, over 50% of the total product sold is welded by our end customers in secondary fabrications. Because Allied Tube’s in-line product employs pure western grade zinc that is applied in a controlled process while on the mill, the resulting product has a smooth, even coating that is much easier to strike and maintain a consistent arc. Utilizing pure zinc is key, this results in a lack of hazardous fume emissions during welding.

For more information on welding Flo-Coat® safely please visit our Information Center.