Ohio Galvanized Tube Inc.


We offer multiple fabrication operations.


Secondary Fabrications

Cold Saw Cutting

.500” OD to 3.500” OD ; lengths up to 250” (please inquire for length tolerances achieved). Also able to cut some square tube.


Round tube only, can be swaged to “fit itself” or swaged to a specific OD.


up to 1.500” OD, up to 180°


Punching , Drilling, Chamfering, Deburring, flattening


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Allied Tube also offers the following fabrication services:

  • haven cutting

  • assembly

  • bending

  • cold saw cutting

  • welding

  • painting and powder coating

  • Laser cutting

  • packaging

  • Deburring

  • dedimpling

  • chamfering

  • swaging